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ipeak Infosystems - Who we are and what we do

There are many compelling arguments why you should opt for a solution by ipeak. Here they are:

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Interactive software with multi device capabilities

Our solutions can be used across a plethora of displays. From touch- and infoscreens serving as effective digital signage at points of information to on-the-go mobile technologies for infotainment or internal team collaboration purposes.

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Expert advice and consultation services

Together with you, our experienced team members develop and implement flexible communication solutions aligned with your values and needs. No matter what information you wish to convey, we have the answer.

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Eye-catching graphics and design

Our graphic designers make sure to reflect your individual look and feel in accordance with your corporate design. Rest assured that we will achieve a convincing appearance with impressive effects.

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Intuitive handling through a web-based backend

Have content edits reflected on your displays within seconds. Thanks to an intuitive navigation, no prior IT knowledge is required to maintain and operate the content management system (CMS) you will be provided with.

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Automated integration of content

A vast amount of information can be autonomously processed and displayed. Possible sources of data can be internal or external and include websites, operational systems, or even plants and machines.

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Personalised support

For any questions or requests, you will be assigned a designated point of contact. Our team remains at your disposal and open to feedback as well as research and development steps, also following project completion.

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Know-how in digital networks

Digital platforms bring together different actors and focus on the user experience and the added value for the user. This gives rise to digital ecosystems as forward-looking business models. Our digital consultants discover what potential lies hidden in your ideas.

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Fast implementation thanks to our toolbox

It all starts with your idea, secondary is our toolbox. Our proprietary content repository is the ideal starting point. The software platform combines the various players in a technically simple and rapid manner, thus enabling time- and cost-saving development of your idea.

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Short time-to-market with an MVP

In order for your new product to make its way to market fast, we first realise the basic functions of your idea as an MVP presentable to your customers. In a second step, user feedback is taken into account for a target-oriented rollout. The investment risk is minimised and the chance of success is multiplied.

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Company History

What once began as a pastime project among friends in a living room in Zermatt, has since emerged as a leading Swiss provider in the field of digitalisation. Since 2005, ipeak Infosystems has been designing and developing digital communication solutions in the public and private sectors for clients in Switzerland and abroad. To date, the founders Raoul Julen and Marco Weis remain involved in the management of the company and are full of motivation and drive to bring further innovations to market.

Shortly after its founding, ipeak Infosystems was the first in the German-speaking market to develop an info- and touchscreen for hotels that utilised high-quality software. Further milestones include the receipt of the 2014 Digital Signage Best Practice Award, the industry-wide most reputable award in Europe, followed by the 2016 launch of the forward-thinking digital ecosystem ibexfusion 4.0, as well as the world's first cross-destination platform for marketing and communication in Swiss tourism "tweebie" in 2017.

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Corporate Philosophy

Swiss quality and sustainable values. Reflected in the word "peak" are our roots in Zermatt and our striving for top performance. Passion and joy for digital communication is our thing. Perceive us as a helping hand that offsets digital complexity and remains committed to your success in the ever-changing world of media.

Team spirit
We are committed to preserving a family-like atmosphere in which loyal employees are there for one another yet embrace and champion their personal responsibilities.

By being clear about where our vision is taking us, we maintain a transparent environment that allows all to unfold their full potential and achieve their personal development goals.

Customer satisfaction
We respond to the needs of our customers with the greatest possible flexibility. Agile workflows enable us to involve customers every step of the way to ensure optimum results.

We pursue consistent and reliable development, thus guaranteeing best quality. Our innovative strength ensures constant improvement and solutions that move with the times.