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Raiffeisen Mischabel-Matterhorn

Digitalisation that enriches community life.

Since many years, ipeak is responsible for the customer information system of Raiffeisen Mischabel-Matterhorn. Today, various components that were added over the years add up to form an extensive digital ecosystem. In all phases of development, the aim was to strengthen the interaction and relationship between the bank and its customers.

The digital infrastructure encompasses a website with an integrated web portal alongside numerous info- and touchscreens that adorn waiting areas and shop windows and link to the bank's own mobile app. In no time at all, customers can inform themselves about bank offers, economic updates and regional news and, if desired, contact bank advisors directly.

Such a comprehensive presentation of information generates enormous added value for both the bank and customer. By linking the website with the information system, data only has to be inputted once, saving the bank a significant amount of resources. Additional major advantages include the unique combination of individual and standardised information as well as the option to easily link as well as expand on the individual communication solutions.