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Tailormade digital platforms

Solutions adapted to the wishes of our customers demonstrate the versatility required in software development. Together with you, we develop forward-looking ideas and the fitting business model to bring to market. Plus we take care of the core of your digital ecosystem - the actual programming.

ibexecosystem applied as a digital service marketplace for Raiffeisenbank Mischabel-Matterhorn "z'mari"

Digital transformation is changing the way we interact with banks. Faced with this new trend, Raiffeisenbank Mischabel-Matterhorn (erlebnisbank.ch) commissioned a digital platform to future-proof the bank and reposition itself accordingly.

The digital platform "z'mari" supports users in all kinds of everyday tasks that are not quite commonplace. As users enter their requests, the bank leverages its strong regional network consisting of service providers, craftsmen and other partners to broker offers. At the heart of the platform is a live chat, through which all communication takes place. In the user account, the user seamlessly receives and manages all correspondence, offers and payments from start to finish.

"z'mari" is open to everyone, setting new standards in customer centricity and service.

Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet, Website

ibexecosystem applied as a community management tool in the Evangelical Reformed Church of Canton St. Gallen "Pfefferstern"

Since 2012, youths in Switzerland are required to partake in a series of events and activities as part of their confirmation preparation. The innovative online planning and communication tool "Pfefferstern" gives parishes a contemporary and efficient means of keeping in touch with participants and their families along the way. Editorial rights are determined hierarchically, allowing various administrators to make their experiences bookable online without hassle. The initiative continues to enjoy such considerable success that more and more neighbouring cantons are gradually adopting the digital platform for themselves.

ibexecosystem applied as an information management tool in tourism and hospitality "tweebie"

Throughout Switzerland, the tourism industry generates vast amounts of information. The cross-destination communication platform "tweebie" is the first of its kind to collect, interpret and repurpose data sets from entire tourism regions so that these may be presented in a suitable format.

Benefit from a refreshed brand image and supplement your hotel’s information with relevant, regional content and news pieces. All is presented in a succinct manner, on-site or on-the-go. Costly paper materials such as guest information folders, timetables or leaflets are wholly replaced by a resource-efficient and daily updated e-concierge.